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Area Clear Water Services sells and installs  high quality water filtration equipment our customers need to maintain their health, safety and budget.  We work with customers in Arkansas including Little Rock, Conway and surrounding areas.  Our certified specialists are highly experienced in water problems from mineral buildup on the inside of your pipes and appliances to unwanted odors and contamination.

Common Water Problems                                         

Water should be analyzed for bacteria and chemical composition by a qualified professional.  Area Clear Water Services can examine and analyze your water to make sure it is safe, clean and correctly processed. Our goal is to provide quality drinking and household water for you and your family. Using the latest technology in water testing and filtration, Area Clear Water Services' consultants can solve water problems for both well and city water. Contact Area Clear Water Services, and let us analyze your water for you. 

                   Call 501-653-2929 Little Rock area or 501-329-5566 Conway area.